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Master Classes 25th January 2017

Declan O’Riordan

Albert Tort - 09:20 - 10:50 | DevOps & QA

Make Your DevOps Puzzle:

Towards Service-Based Continuous Quality Assurance

Agile paradigms and DevOps approaches have changed software engineering processes by focusing on iterations, communication and collaboration between different project roles.

These approaches are aimed at reducing time-to-market and increasing the frequency of continuous applications delivery. Therefore, DevOps is a transformational challenge for many organizations. But not all roads lead to DevOps: We cannot move forward to DevOps without a continuous Quality Assurance (QA) strategy, which in turn, pushes transformation of traditional testing and QA activities.

We propose to make progress on such transformation by triggering structured changes, by using a continuous QA for DevOps maturity model. We need to analyse the current situation, trace a route, and progressively implement it as an ordered set of service-oriented pieces, to put together the puzzle for each organisation. Agility, automation and integration of such pieces are the key for success!

In this master class, Albert will present a service-based continuous QA approach for iterative Quality Assurance in agile and DevOps projects and how to implement it, using examples of components which can accelerate QA activities in these contexts.

Having participate in the master class, you will gain insight into an approach that promotes continuous quality gates, structured user stories for generating test designs, agile testing reporting, innovative knowledge-based metrics, and integration with job automation servers.

Debbie Evans

Augusto Evangelisti - 09:20 - 10:50 | Continuous Delivery & Testing

Testers: what’s your continuous delivery strategy?

The technology world is changing fast, faster than ever. A few years ago we thought that only the Amazon(s) or Facebook(s) of this world would do continuous delivery, now the phenomenon is getting traction, starting to become mainstream and in less than 5 years it will be commoditised. Everybody will do it.

Why, you might ask? Because the ability to release often gives organisations an edge over the ones that have a slow turnaround. For an example, you only have to look at the disruption happening in the financial industry, where billions of dollars are being invested by venture capitalists on startups that will replace the banks of today.

As testers we can either hide our head in the sand and hope it all goes away, or try to understand what the change means for us, embrace it, and build the skills we require to thrive.

In this master class you will learn about the challenges that continuous delivery brings to testers, you will discover opportunities for testers that are within your current domain and finally a brand new unexpected dimension where today’s testers can be extremely valuable tomorrow.

You will leave the master class with a checklist of skills and tools you need to start learning. These skills will give you an edge over the competition and will allow you to become much more valuable when the change finally knocks at your door.

Maximiliano Mannise

Almudena Vivanco - 11:15 - 12:45 | Performance Testing

Measuring Happiness with WebPageTest

Believe it or not but performance has a direct impact on your business! Considering the growth of e-commerce and the emergence of IOT, performance testing now needs to rethink itself and consider such scenarios. Only measuring response times and server health checks is simply not enough anymore, but how can we measure the user happiness?

In this master class, Almudena will explain how to setup a performance test moving away from the typical web-centric scenarios and into new ways of navigation. Performance testing should be supported by the monitoring tools, look for anomalies and for errors and when starting testing, not only should the right metrics be extrapolated from production but they should also reflect your overall performance set-up.

Many testers are afraid of the mathematics behind performance analysis but having participated in this master class, you will get an insight into the common sense of such complex mathematics. You will understand why the user is the key and why the center of good performance test setup is important and above all how it can measure user happiness quantitatively.

Albert Tort

David Evans - 11:15 - 12:45 | User Stories & Testability

Story Mapping: Slicing Epics into Testable Bites

One of the most common problems agile teams face is taking on stories that are too large. Large Stories are harder to estimate, more time consuming to develop and test, and require more complex acceptance criteria and tests. The longer a team spends on developing a story before it gets tested, the more opportunities for useful feedback are missed.

Story Mapping is a very useful technique for product design, but it can also be used very effectively to help break down large epics into small, valuable slices that can be developed and tested incrementally. This will improve your test design and coverage, highlight important exceptions and edge cases early, and encourage collaborative design.

This practical, hands-on session will give you a solid understanding of what a Story Map is and how it can be used to help slice large stories or “epics” into manageable, testable pieces.

José López

Carlos Blé - 14:00 - 15:30 | Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

BDD Tips & Tricks

Imagine having to remake an existing software tool that was put into production over eight years ago, which is still used by thousands of customers and that has not been maintained. 20 million lines of legacy source code is now your main problem! So how do you overcome this challenge when a team of 20 is now ready to start on the remake?

In this master class Carlos will show you how to apply Behavior Driven Development (BDD) together with Domain Driven Design (DDD) for such situations. Techniques that work well will be explained as well as how to work-around the issues typically found in this context.

Having participated in the master class, you will get an insight into various tips accompanied with examples and real practical cases. If you are already working with BDD or interested in starting to apply it, get yourself into this master class and come out with plenty of BDD know-how!

Leo van der Aalst

Dan Billing - 14:00 - 15:30 | Security Testing

Web Application Security - A hands on testing challenge

We know that application security is important. We have to protect our customers' data and our employers' data while keeping our systems up and running. But do we have the skills and knowledge to meet that challenge?

During this Master Class, we will begin to explore some of the concepts, skills, and techniques of security testing by working with a vulnerable web application. Through practical activities and hands-on learning, we will discover the key security issues that affect web applications today.

Testers will learn skills to identify software vulnerabilities and understand common threats and risks that occur in web-applications. We will also examine some of the tools and utilities that can enhance and extend security testing efforts. Let's look at the essential steps to build and execute your own security testing strategies. Let's examine how learning and mentoring can aid in the development of strategies. You can and should build up your own skills with integrated security testing.

Building upon personal experience of integrating security testing into an existing organisation, incorporating DevOps, continuous delivery and integration, this Master Class will highlight and discuss the reflections of learning from hackers, recent breaches and the socio-economic, political and technical impact upon software development organisations.

Attendees will take away a set of advice and techniques to incorporate and enable security testing into their day to day work, answering some of the questions that may arise around scope, skills, tools, models and learning.

Technical requirements:

This is a practical Master Class, so all attendees will require a laptop, and the ability to install and run the application under test, as well as some open source tools that will be useful during the session.

Installation instructions and a tool list will be sent before the Master Class, and pre-installation is highly recommended for a smooth Master Class experience.

Prior experience in security testing web applications is not necessary; however, attendees will need to be comfortable testing web applications and using modern web-browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Michael Pilaeten

Xavi Hidalgo - 15:40 - 17:10 | Test Driven Development (TDD)

TDD, a friend for developing and designing software!

Test-driven development (TDD), existing for some time now, is an evolutionary test-first approach to development where tests are written prior to creating just enough code to fulfill those tests before going ahead and refactoring the code.

It basically aids us in shifting our testing leftwards, allowing us to run tests quickly and frequently and as part of a continuously integrated environment, thus helping us to detect and resolve software errors earlier in the development process.

So how do we adopt TDD as our test-first approach for not only developing software but designing it?

In this master class, Xavi will show how to use TDD as a software design tool rather than a simple test tool. He will explain it in practical terms, allowing you to get stuck in by looking at code. Not only this, but Xavi will show you that implementing TDD is not just a technical challenge but a social one!

Upon participating in this master class, you will learn what TTD is, even if you have never dabbled with it in the past. You will learn how to apply it in both agile and non-agile environments to find and remove bugs from software as well as understanding how to design software that is future-proof!

Almudena Vivanco

Maaret Pyhäjärvi - 15:40 - 17:10 | Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing – Explained and Experienced

Exploratory testing (ET) isn’t new but it has evolved further in agile projects with regression test automation. Great automation is created through an exploratory mindset, and there’s a place for throwaway automation in exploratory testing.

This master class sets out to clarify through shared experiences from exercises what it means to do exploratory testing. How exploratory testing is done will be looked at as well as why should you care to include the exploratory testing perspective in your projects.

After this master class, you will understand how to help teams create a solid approach that combines exploratory testing with versatile automation.

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