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2017 Speakers

Albert Tort

Albert Tort

Albert Tort is a Software Control & Testing specialist in Sogeti Spain. Previously, he served as a researcher at the Services and Information Systems Engineering Department of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech. As a member of the Information Modeling and Processing (MPI) research group, he focused his research on conceptual modeling, software engineering methodologies, OMG standards, knowledge management, requirements engineering, service science, semantic web and software quality assurance.

Almudena Vivanco

Almudena Vivanco

Almudena is a Performance Engineer at Telefónica I+D. She studied Applied and Computational mathematics at Oviedo University. She has been working for 13 years in the field of software testing and quality engineering and her work focuses on end user experience and service scalability for worldwide projects with heavy traffic. She is involved in the design and development of performance test infrastructure mainly with open-source tools. She has participated as a speaker in several international conferences such as Velocity, Devopsdays and Webperfdays.

Ángel Luis Lozano Sánchez

Augusto "Gus" Evangelisti

Augusto “Gus” Evangelisti is a product development professional with over 20 years experience in many different industries where he has played just about every existing role, from developer to tester to analyst, product manager, test manager, and more recently agile/lean coach. During his agile lean journey, he discovered amazing people that helped him grow his understanding and passion for the subject. He has contributed to writing “More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team” - Crispin, Gregory published by Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Cohn). His passion is learning and sharing his learning with others. He is the Principal Consultant at Evangelisti Consulting where he helps organisations deliver products that matter through agile and lean practices. He blogs his ideas at https://mysoftwarequality.wordpress.com and tweets at @augeva.

Ard Kramer

Carlos Blé

Carlos Blé wrote his first line of code when he was 6, it was actually a listing from a book on BASIC and later on in 2002 he started working officially as a software developer. He has been an independent consultant, trainer and developer since 2009, helping dozens of teams and organizations all over Spain as well as training teams in Berlin, London, Brussels and Bordeaux. From 2001 to 2009 worked for a wide variety of companies including his own start-up and is currently CEO at Codesai. Carlos is also a full stack developer using mostly JavaScript, C#, Java and Python and is author of the first book on TDD in the Spanish language. He is vegan and runs a cat shelter in Tenerife that someday will hopefully become an animal sanctuary.

Attila Fekete

David Evans

David Evans is an experienced agile consultant, coach and trainer with over 25 years of IT experience. A thought-leader in the field of agile quality, he has provided training and consultancy for clients worldwide. An in-demand speaker at events and conferences across Europe, David was voted Best Keynote Speaker at Agile Testing Days 2013. He is co-author of the best-selling books “50 Quick Ideas to Improve your User Stories” and “50 Quick Ideas to improve Your Tests”, was a contributor to the book “More Agile Testing”, and has also had several papers published in international IT journals. He currently lives and works in the UK, where he is a partner in Neuri Consulting LLP. He can be reached at david.evans@neuri.co.uk on email and @DavidEvans66 on Twitter.

David Evans

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a software professional with testing emphasis. She identifies as an empirical technologist, a tester and a programmer, a catalyst for improvement and a speaker. Her day job is working with a software product development team as a hands-on testing specialist. On the side, she teaches exploratory testing and makes a point of adding new, relevant feedback for test-automation heavy projects through skilled exploratory testing. In addition to being a tester and a teacher, she is a serial volunteer for different non-profits driving forward the state of software development. She blogs regularly at http://visible-quality.blogspot.fi and is the author of Mob Programming Guidebook.

Debbie Evans

Xavi Hidalgo

Xavier is a software engineer and has previously worked in ONO, Andorra telecom, Telefonica and Swiss Government. He currently manages a team of developers as well as advising many entities about innovation. He also coaches start-ups and considers himself as a “technical angel”. In 2012 he was prized with the best multiplatform application by Normal Nielsen Group. In 2014 he worked in Vietnam as CTO in Lazada Group (Asian Amazon finally bought by Alibaba) and at present he’s CTO in Apiumtech in Andorra. After many years working around the world, he has decided to stay in Andorra, just beside Barcelona being the country he loves. Agile is a methodology which has revolutionized his private company and used to manage the change required to become effective. Xavier is a strong advocate of TDD as a tool without which, he considers agile simply doesn’t exist.

Declan O’Riordan

Dan Billing

Dan Billing enjoys testing in all its variety. He recently has been focusing hard on security and its implications for testing and testers. In his master class he show how testers can incorporate security testing techniques and knowledge into their day to day work. Dan is an extremely friendly guy so you can also talk to him about anything you like! He particularly likes Science Fiction, soccer, good food, beer and exercise!

Dan is also a facilitator for Weekend Testing Europe, an organiser of SWEWT, and South West Test in Bristol.

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