A Day for Testers!

★ Please forward this mail to corresponding attendees if you are human resources or have registered as the contact person.

As you are registered to attend the Test Academy on the 10th of April 2019, please find below some relevant information.


Test Academy will take place in Fundación Bancaja Please find details on the venue location and how to arrive here.


Event schedule: 9:30am until 5:55pm

• Please try arrive early to avoid queues when collecting your badge

• Registration & badge collection will be open from 9am on the 10th of April 2019.


• Please remember to print your ticket prior to the event, as it will be scanned at registration in order to give you your entry badge. You will also need to show your ID at the registration desk.


A coffee break and finger buffet will be provided at 11:20am and 13:15pm respectively and will be served in the exhibition hall. If you have any special dietary requirements please inform as soon as possible, if you haven’t do so already, so we can try arrange such requirements with the hotel.

Master classes

Each master class will run for 90 minutes and you can choose the class you want to attend on the day.

To facilitate the smooth start of the sessions and to avoid delays, please bring your laptop and install the following prior to event (avoid installing it on the day of the event) if you plan on attending the following sessions:

Master class: Bots, Spiders and Cognitive Models: The Keys to Automation in Artificial Intelligence Testing

Time: 09:50 - 11:20

Speaker: Albert Tort

    You will need smartphone or laptop

Master class: Puzzles Versus Mysteries

Time: 09:50 - 11:20

Speaker: Rick Tracy

    There are no requirements

Master class: Visual Testing: TESTAR, let the tool learn how to test it!

Time: 11:45 - 13:15

Speaker: Tanja Vos

    2. Virtualbox v5.2.10 or later. Download it here.
    3.Download the OVA image here.

Master class: Shift Left for UX

Time: 11:45 - 13:15

Speaker: Isabel Evans

    There are no requirements

Master class: Testing in the 21st Century

Time: 14:30 - 16:00

Speaker: Alex Soto

    There are no requirements

Master class: Lessons for Test Automators

Time: 14:30 - 16:00

Speaker: Seretta Gamba

    You will need tablet or laptop

Master class: API REST Testing: Automation & Continuous Integration.

Time: 16:10 - 17:40

Speaker: Rodrigo Jimenez

    There are no requirements

Master class: Testing en la era de DevOps, IoT, AI y UX

Time: 16:10 - 17:40

Spaker: Baris Sarialioglu

    You will need smartphone

During the event

The Test Academy is a day of learning about software testing. It is also a great opportunity to share your professional experiences with follow Testers as well as get to know new ones so we recommend that you interact as much as possible at the event.

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